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Tonight Is So Right for Love (Offenbach: Barcarolle)

Published: 1960Film/ TV/ Radio: G.I. Blues

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2c film art/portrait ph: Elvis Presley in military uniform


ps= piano solo; pv= piano vocal; pvc = piano vocal + chords (either written or guitar diagram); pvuc = piano vocal + ukelele diagram chords; 3g = 3-guitar arrangement; tl = topline version; tlc topline+chords (busker/fake book); fs = full score; epo = easy piano & organ
2c = two-colour; dec = decorative design (ie: no picture); Deco: Art Deco style; ph: photograph; ph/mnp: manipulated photo; vis: visualisation; col: colourised
XL: extra large format (pre approx. 1920); SWT: small wartime (WW2) format; SBF: small bandpart format; WKP = Wikipedia; v see; qv 'which see' cross reference to another page
Personal names etc. enclosed thus: '..' are mentioned in the text, but not pictured;
Text enclosed thus: ".." is a quotation from the lyric
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